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Spanish Verb Conjugation Game

14 Jul 2013

Singleplayer Multiplayer Victory

How to Play

Collect letters to correctly spell out the verb conjugated in the indicated tense and form. Select tenses and one or two players from the options menu.

  • Control player 1 (red) rocket with ARROW keys
  • Control player 2 (blue) rocket with WASD keys


The final project of my high school Spanish 4 course was very open-ended, so I made this game in May 2008, which originally only supported subjunctive tenses and had wacky collision detection. I revisited this project during the summer after college – upon learning that the teacher was still using the game to teach subjunctive conjugation – and added other tenses, better collisions, and a variety of other small fixes.


Flash + ActionScript 2.0


  • The version embedded above only includes verbs starting with A through haber, due to my aversion to spending more time than I already have working around flash file limitations.
  • Cringe at my use of Comic Sans! Bahahaha! …sorry. =P